In their plan of restoring the Villa, the actual owners tried to conserve – as much as possible – also the conception of furniture introduced in the 1920s and 1930s by Albert C. Landsberg, with the precious help of Paul Rodocanachi. We owe to them the choice of avoiding the inclusion of  pretentious furnishings and any other interference of objects that could reduce the perception of Palladian architecture or interfere with it. 

Having found the samples of fabrics that were used in the upholstery of the furniture – those made in the early 1950s of the twentieth century by Albert C. Landsberg – the architects Antonio Foscari and Barbara Del Vicario had them remade identically by the very same weaving shop.

Separately are documented some recent pieces of furniture that had been designed with attention to the problem of combining the antique with the modern.

This “line” from which La Malcontenta has taken its name – has been elaborated and developed over the years by Barbara Del Vicario, an architect who took inspiration from antique motifs and transformed them into her particular conceptions of design and furnishings.


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