Glasworks by BDV

“Hephaestus' Flame”

Numerous thin and colorful rods of glass, like threads stretched on a glowing canvas, fabrics from the tender force of fire. They are threads of various colors and dimensions, they make up a type of alchemic alphabet governed by agile hands of the glass master who writes with fire and composes a viscous puzzle of thousands of pieces. The flame of glass, that at times conserves its warm colors, other times freezes itself in the grays and blacks of marbles, recount an antique legend.  Caught in the fragile rod is the hidden memory of distant history, misleading like the reflection of a glass.

Barbara Nerozzi

1 Fiamme - Venini
Fiamme - Venini 

2 Fiamme - Venini
Fiamme - Venini 

3 Fiamme - Venini
Fiamme - Venini 

4 Paravento - Venini
Paravento - Venini 

5 Recinto - Venini prototipo
Recinto - Venini Prototipo 

6 Fiori VeArt
Fiori VeArt 

7 Fiore - Lampada VeArt
Fiore - Lampada VeArt 

8 La Malcontenta glasses
La Malcontenta glasses

9 La Malcontenta glasses
La Malcontenta glasses